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Monday, November 20, 2006
The end for this is here

Ok, I've changed my tone and wording to make my post a little less drama...
hah, and to take the chance to pitter patter on this blog again :p


Happy 3rd Birthday to you, this little blog of mine!
On this very day, you've been online for 1095 days.
I think I've surprised myself, that I've consistently been keeping this alive,
to the point that I'd feel bad if I haven't been updating for some time.
I <3 blogging.

I started perplexinglyyours on a whim really, with no particular purpose.
I just though it'd be nice to have an outlet, a place to write, to remember. 
Well over the years, I think this place is less of one where I can truly truly express my thoughts,
but more of one where friends can stay in touch with my life, which is fine and dandy.
It's for them to see, and for me to remember. That's why I make so many collages ;)

But this is it for little perplexinglyyours...
I've thought about it on and off the past 2 years, about stopping completely, about leaving this space
but of course, I've also changed my mind countless times.
Even now, I'm reluctant. 
People dislike change, even small ones, and I've grown very used to, and very familiar with my space here.
But sometimes change is neccessary.
I think I need this change, I want to be able to not keep a lock on my thoughts.
This is not very drastic really, sorry if I'm sounding drama mama
but it matters to me, so this is it.
3 years is a good age to stay at, forever young.
Oh, I suspect I'll pop by sometimes, it'll be like visiting an old friend
I'll miss it here.

What's an entry without visuals?
For this last one, it'll be no different...
I've had a lot of alone time recently and last friday evening, on the last day of term, was no different.
I decided to visit the peace boat that's docked in Singapore, where they sell books on board.
It was sunset and really, peaceful and beautiful.

This is perplexinglyyours's swansong.
For some of you, I'll catcha on the Star...
So long folks!

With <3,

Just finished reading:
The Villa
By Nora Roberts

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